-The Epiphanist is now open to submissions. - 

Please ensure that you have completed #1-5 before you send us anything!  After you have done so, email your submission to us at  We look forward to receiving your work!

1. Proper subject line.

Subject line should read Title of piece – Author’s name – Category – Word Count.

2. Pick a category.

Submission Categories:

Experimental: <500 words.

Short stories: 500-8000 words.

Serial Fiction: >8000 words.


Artwork: photography and sketches.

Media: poetry readings, short radio plays, songs, videos, etc.

3. Logline and/or synopsis (everything but poetry): please tell us, in brief, what your story is about.  This should be the first thing we read in your email after your greeting/introduction.  For serial fiction, please send us a synopsis no longer than 3 paragraphs with your story.

4. Short biography: 1-4 lines and/or a link to your personal website.  This should be the last thing we read in your email.

5. Attach your submission to the email.  Please paste poetry into the body of the email.

Things You’ll Want to Know

All content must be original work by the author(s).  When we accept your piece, we are asking for one-time electronic rights only.  This means that you can re-print your work as you please.

There is no payment at this time for accepted pieces.  We can, however, feature a link to your personal or professional website and a short biography along with your piece.

2 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Nina Wendt says:

    You have a second cousin named Eric Wendt (age 26) who lives in Chicago. He is the grandson of Wallace and Catherine Wendt. Before moving to Chicago and taking a journalist job there, he was the managing editor of the Synthesis magazine in Chico, CA. I’m his mother, Nina, and Nate told me all about you last night (he is visiting me and my other boys in Modesto, Ca). Thought you and Eric should touch base. You can reach Eric at

  2. […] The Epiphanist pays $.02 per word up to 8,000 words for short fiction. They also accept serial fiction with no stated word limit. What about this magazine caught my eye? I love the name and upon reaching the site, the pictures are breathtaking. They’re not going to make you rich, but wouldn’t it be nice to see your work beautifully illustrated? […]

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